If you would like to send e-mails through an e-mail address with your own domain, make sure that the provider will provide you with access to their SMTP server. The latter is the software system that allows email messages to be transmitted. SMTP is an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it deals with all outgoing e-mails from apps, webmail and contact web forms. When a message is sent out, the SMTP server checks with all of the DNS servers globally where the emails for the receiving domain are handled and as soon as it gets this info, it connects to the remote POP/IMAP server to check if the recipient mailbox exists. In case it does, the SMTP server sends the message body and the receiving server delivers it to the mailbox in which the recipient can open it and read it. Without having a SMTP server on your end, you won't be capable to send out messages at all.
SMTP Server in Hosting
Our SMTP server is accessible to all customers that have a hosting package with our company and it is an element of the standard set of services you get whenever you sign up, not an optional add-on. You'll find the settings that you need to send out messages in the Emails section of the Hepsia Control Panel, which is included in the website hosting packages, together with help articles that can show you how you can set up email addresses in the most popular desktop and smart phone e mail clients step by step. You'll also find trouble shooting instructions with common issues and solutions if you are unable to send emails for whatever reason. Using our services, you will be able to send emails using any app in order to use an online contact page form on your website the instant you create an e-mail addresses in your account.
SMTP Server in Semi-dedicated Servers
All our semi-dedicated servers come with an SMTP server by default, so you'll not need to spend anything extra or request access. You'll be able to send out email messages as long as you set up a mailbox with any of your domain names via your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel. Our comprehensive guides will highlight how you can set up the email address in an email client and will assist you to diagnose any issue if you can't send emails for whatever reason, since we have compiled the most frequent problems you could experience as well as their solutions in one location. If you have an e-mail web form of any sort on your website, all you need to get it to work is to type in the SMTP name along with your e-mail. The semi-dedicated server plans are incredibly powerful and they will enable you to send out a huge number of email messages, making them a great choice if you wish to send out regular newsletters to your visitors.